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The Vidicode App for Android mobile phones.

We cannot guarantee the V-App will work on every smartphone and with every Android version. Please download and test the app prior to purchase.

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V-App is a Vidicode App for Android mobile phones. It records and stores telephone calls including phone numbers, time, date and duration of the recording. It can also record memos.


Some smartphones support full two-sided call recording (microphone and speaker), while others only support call recording from the microphone. This may depend on the Android version you have. When recording from the microphone only, try speakerphone to improve the audio volume.

Main Menu

The main menu of V-App shows a list of the recordings. You can playback your recordings there.

Cloud Storage

The V-App is able to store the recordings in the cloud. From the cloud storage you can download them to your PC. On your PC you can play and archive these recordings with the (free) V-Archive PC software. The V-Archive software imports recordings from the V-App and from the V-Tap, a deskphone recording solution. Therefore you are able to archive all your recordings in one central database.

In the V-App you can specify the cloud storage provider, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


When enabled this feature disables automatic recording outside selected hours/days.

For instance, when selecting Monday, setting Start time to 10:00 and setting Stop time to 15:00, The app will only record calls made between 10:00 and 15:00 on Monday, while showing the manual record button any other time.

Recording on Demand

The V-App features a Record on Demand function. Use this if you want to start and stop a recording manually. Enabling this option shows you a record button when a call is starting/ongoing. Pressing this record button starts the recording of the current conversation.

Store on Demand

Enabling this option shows you a screen after every call, this screen will ask if you would like to save the call or not. If No is selected, the existing recording is deleted. If Yes is selected or the window is ignored, the call will be stored on the device.

Storage Location

Selecting this option allows you to change the location in which recordings are stored. The options consist of “Private”, “Device” or “SD-Card”.

Selecting “Private” will cause the recordings to be stored inside the apps own folder. This folder cannot be reached by connecting your phone to a PC or by using a file explorer application.

The “Device” option will store the recordings onto the devices internal memory. This can be read from the phone when it is connected to a PC and by using a file explorer application.

If you select “SD-Card” as the storage location the recordings will be stored on the devices external SD-Card. This card can be reached when connected to a PC or when using a file explorer application. The SD-Card can be removed from the phone and read externally.

Number List

This option can be set to either White or Black list. Any phone number listed in the blacklist will not be recorded. If you use the whitelist only the numbers listed in the whitelist will be recorded.


Select the audio feed that allows your mobile phone to record calls. The settings Auto and Voice Merge are most likely to work on most devices. And you can select the audio compression (codec) used for the recording.


You can protect the app with a password. The user will be asked for a password every time the app gets opened.


Does your corporation have a Call Recorder Apresa? Among other things, this advanced recorder can store V-App recordings and make them available to you via a web interface. Apresa is a multi-channel and versatile call recording solution made by Vidicode.

User Guide

Download the V-App prior to purchase. Download the apk file and install it on
your mobile phone. After you ordered the V-App, you’ll receive a license key by email.

Download the free PC software V-Archive and install it on your PC if you want to archive your recordings there.


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