Recording from any Phone with a corded Handset


V-Tap Analog   €359.00 excl. vat

The V-Tap Analog records the audio from an analog telephone line or any telephone that works with a cord-connected handset. Store the recordings on an SD card and store them on your PC using the free V-Archive software.

Call Recorder Pico   €235.00 excl. vat

The Call Recorder Pico is a system to record and archive telephone calls on a PC. It consists of a PC application and one or more Call Recorders Pico connecting the telephones to your PC. The Call Recorder Pico can record from analog and corded digital telephones, and from a microphone. The PC running the CR Pico software must be turned on during recording, because the Call Recorder Pico doesn’t have internal storage like the V-Tap.


Call Recorder Single II

The Call Recorder Single II is specifically intended for people who need to listen to their own calls frequently. The Single II is easy to connect and has an almost unlimited recording capacity. With its network connectivity and proven reliability the Call Recorder Single II is the ideal solution for recording a single telephone, radio station or other audio source. Recordings can be started and stopped manually or automatically, and can be safeguarded against unauthorised playback with a password or the optional CryptoCard set.

The Single II can be connected to the corded handset, to record analog audio that is sent by the telephone to the handset. This will also work for digital phones and VoIP phones.