V-Tap PRI   

The V-Tap PRI records telephone calls from an ISDN 30 line with E1 interface. The recorded data is stored digitally onto an SD card and is sent over the network. Use the free V-Archive software to listen to the recordings on your PC.


Call Recorder ISDN PRI

The Call Recorder PRI models are Vidicode’s top models for recording from ISDN Primary rate (30 channels, also referred to as E1). It is a most easy to install, yet flexible E1 recorder. The Call Recorder PRI is connected between the ISDN network and the local telephone system, usually a PBX. It is able to play notification messages.



The Apresa is a versatile call recorder that is able to record from multiple lines simultaneously. It stores the recordings on its own hard disk(s) and is accessible via a web interface. To record ISDN PRI calls, the Apresa is fitted with one or more PCI-e cards.