Recording headsets with Oygo


Oygo   €95.00 excl. vat

The Call Recorder Oygo records from deskphones if the headset supports the recording option. If the headset has a recording option, it will send the audio of both sides (local caller and remote caller) to your pc, where the Oygo is installed to record the call. If your headset is supported, the Oygo records telephone calls from a desk phone, but also from a mobile phone with Bluetooth connection.


Recording headsets with the V-Tap


V-Tap Analog   €359.00 excl. vat

The V-Tap Analog can record from headsets in the setup shown in the diagram. It stores the recordings on an SD card. You can store the recordings on your PC using the free V-Archive software.


Recording headsets with the Call Recorder Pico


Call Recorder Pico   €235.00 excl. vat

The Call Recorder Pico is a system to record and archive telephone calls on a PC. The Call Recorder Pico can record from a headset in the setup shown in the diagram. The Pico will send the analog data directly to the PC it is connected to by USB. The PC running the CR Pico software must be turned on during recording, because the Call Recorder Pico doesn’t have internal storage like the V-Tap.