V-Tap VoIP   €359.00 excl. vat

The V-Tap VoIP records VoIP telephone calls. The recorded data is stored onto an SD card and is sent over the network. Use the free V-Archive software to listen to the recordings on your PC. Do you have more than one VoIP telephone? You can buy additional PC recording licenses.


Call Recorder VoIP   €209.00 excl. vat

The Call Recorder VoIP records the IP-phone on your desk. With optional licensing up to 4 IP-phones can be recorded with one Call Recorder VoIP. The free V-Archive PC-recording software stores all phone calls in a comprehensive database on your PC. V-Archive must be running while recording, because the Call Recorder VoIP doesn’t have internal storage like the V-Tap.



The Apresa is a versatile call recorder that is able to record more than 100 telephone calls simultaneously. It stores the recordings on its own hard disk(s).


Apresa Compact

Vidicode also offers an Apresa Compact which is limited to 10 VoIP channels. It stores the recordings on its own hard disk.